"The Hushé Girls Project wants to create a female mountaineering group"

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"Never again some girls were
received like this. I have rarely lived a so exciting moment e
intense in the valley of Hushé. All the town on the street, all three
girls barely able to break through children and women who chant
his name and they throw petals of flowers torn in the lands of
work. Shout Congratulations! Welcome! Long live! And they
they hardly know what to say. "

This is how the text published by
Sebastián Álvaro in the newspaper Marca where he narrates the
experience this summer in Pakistan. Thanks to the Project
the Girls of Hushé
three women managed to climb a seismil in
a country of great mountains but few alpinistic opportunities
for them. We speak with him to know more details.

What is the project?
Project of the Hushé Girls was born to create a female group of
in a village in Pakistan with that name. 18 years ago that
we are with him together with the Sarabastall Foundation and the Foundation
José Ramón de la Morena. On the one hand it is an educational project,
since we now have 93% of boys and girls enrolled in school
from the village. We also have 360 ​​scholarships committed. On the other hand,
the project tries to walk towards the equality of opportunities between
the boys and girls of Hushé, we want them to freely decide their
future, that girls can be university students and of course
climb mountains.

The mountains in Pakistan are
reserved for men?

Yes, never in Pakistan
Women have been porters, like the Sherpas in Nepal. Y
of course they do not have access to the mountain professions .

girls have strength and speed to climb mountains "

You have
I raised a seismil with them. How was the experience?

Minglik Sar . It is a mountain located in the Hunza Valley of 6050
meters very close to Pakistan's border with China. We chose it
precisely because is a simple mountain that has very few
objective dangers, although it has some, especially in the part of
above. But it is very suitable for some girls who really do not have
mountain experience.

A companion has come with us,
Miriam Marco who is one of the few mountain guide girls in Spain.
It has been commissioned not only to come up with them, but to train them
previously in the simplest of climbing techniques. At
girls have strength and speed to climb those mountains, but
it's not so much about getting on top of a seismil as it is about getting ready
a future.

Tell me about the three girls.
They're granddaughters
Abdul Karim, the most famous carrier of the Karakórum . One of them
it is called Amina it is 18 and it is likely that it will go next year to
the university if you approve this course. Want to study psychology
but he is not clear yet. The other two are called Alum and
they are 15 years old and they are a little behind in their studies
because they are studying in Hushé. But let's try to see if to
Starting next year we can grant them scholarships in the Skardu, always and
when families want Because the normal thing is that girls of
Hushé is married at 14 years old, which interrupts all
possibilities of being able to study in school and in the

What is new is that thanks to
Karim and the parents of the girls have decided to delay the moment
of the wedding and give them the opportunity to continue studying and
climbing mountains. Marion's father is Hanif, a porter of the
strongest in Hushé.

"This kind of
shares gives greater visibility to women "

Accounts in your text the
back to the girls' house Was it one of the most

They did interviews on all the TV's
Skardu They were received by the political leader of the region of
Baltistan They sent me two photographs and they went out on the
press, that is, it has had a lot of importance, but the most
exciting was the return to Hushé. The girls were really
scared, with all the women behind them, the children …

Do you think his example will have a social impact?
important is that for the valley and for the entire northern area, and in
general for Pakistan, these kinds of examples go in the same
direction that the politicians that there are now. Has won the
most reformist candidate in Pakistan, which is Imran Khan,
the leader of the Movement for Justice of Pakistan (PTI). Is a
type that talks about the modernization of the country, the separation of
religion and the state. Talk at the same time about
infrastructure of the country, and if they let you do half of what
says, I think Pakistan is going in a good way.

This kind of
actions gives greater visibility to women in lines
general so they can decide their future. If you want to climb
mountains, which climb mountains
; and if they want to go to university,
they do. But they have to be incorporated into daily life,
work, to the university, to the studies, to the sport.

Which one?
Is the continuity of this project with the girls? What objectives
you have for later?

I think the girls are in
conditions of raising a sietemil, in fact it is one of the
possibilities that we are considering. I also want to bring them to
Spain. We will present the project in the Desnivel library, and
we did last year with Karim and with Hanif. I would like very much
they knew a reality so different from theirs, that they see the sea
while we think about what we are going to do next year.


Watercolor mountains:


Mountains of water

Travel notebook on the roof of the world

by Luis Miguel López Soriano

With this book we will travel through the great mountain ranges of Asia, from the mountains of Iran to the Tibetan plateau, crossing the Afghan and Tajik Pamirs. We will cross the Karakoram from its Chinese slope, in Sinkiang, to the high valleys of Pakistan, the great glaciers such as Baltoro, Batura …

Working with watercolors, the liquid is the basis of the work and for Luis Miguel López Soriano it has always been very important to dilute the paint using the same element of the landscape he paints. The water collected from the river, stream or glacier allows you to integrate the real environment into the created drawing, preserving its original imprint on the paper. The sun, cold or wind of each moment also intervene in a crucial way in the evolution of the work, drying or even freezing the strokes of the brush.


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