Top Five Climbing April Fools Jokes 2018

Black Diamond Hot Forge Chalk Bag

The 2018 April Fools jokes were alive and well on Easter Sunday this year.

Many brands played along, including us with the first 5.16a in Canada by Bob and Doug.

So here are the top five April Fools jokes in the climbing world for 2018.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond introduced their Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag.

Their joke was meant to cause confusion as a follow-up to their HonnSolo Bag from 2017.

The joke was that while the video featuring Alex Honnold seemed like a fake, the product was very real.

Black Diamond made 1,000 of them and if they sell well, they’re produce more for autumn.

Stefano Ghisolfi

Italian climber Stefano Ghisolfi said he trained with NASA in “hyper gravity” to make the first ascent of the world’s first 5.16a.

Unbelievable. I never told anything to anybody about this project. And now it’s done. I always tried it secretly to avoid more pressure on myself, and in the end everything worked. I tried this route so many times since I moved to Arco that it took all my energies and my stamina out of my body and my mind. All this for more than 50 days. It’s impossible to count every single attempt: they are just too many. I believe this is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried and, let’s make it clear, the hardest in the entire world. I want to say a huge thank you to my brand new sponsor, @nasa and @nasa_italia , that built a Hyper gravity room for my training, giving me a chance to be a better climber. Without their special training facilities the 3m diagonal jump of the route wouldn’t be possible. (in the picture, the double swing after the jump). Special thanks go to @sara_grip , that introduced me to yoga and meditation. These practices were so useful to levitate during the only rest of the route, to reduce my weight and rest better on the two crimps. Luckily, I had the opportunity to mentally recreate the route and then climbing it in virtual reality before the real send. For all these reasons, I want to propose (and confirm, since I climbed it twice for the pictures) the first 9C+ of the world. I wanna call it Pelirpa, like the goddess of sacrifice, patience and fishing. Why? Simply because it took me a lot of time, efforts and mental strenght… 📸 @theverticaleye • • • @thenorthface @lasportivagram @camp1889 @epictv @hrtholds @frictionlabs #neverstopexploring #fiammeoro • #climb #climbing #rockclimbing #klettern #escalade #bouldering #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

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American Mountain Guides Association

Since 1979, the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) has set the standard for guiding in the United States. AMGA Certification requires completing the alpine, ski and rock disciplines.

For April Fools, they announced the organization looks to fill a void of its current curriculum by adding a discipline.

“We realized we are missing one critical component of our curriculum that the Europeans have expertly mastered,” explained AMGA Technical Director Dale Remsberg.

That fourth discipline is, jokingly, Apres.

Sleep Anywhere

As a top sleeping bag company, Klymit is always looking for ways to keep us cozy and warm.

For April Fools, they released this video of an action suit that looks pretty awesome.

A Sleep Anywhere Suit for your whole body with baffles that inflates.

BioLite Drone

BioLite went full future with their April 1 video featuring backcountry drone service.

Here’s to topping out The Chief this summer to a fully prepped and warm meal delivered via drone.

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The doctor and mountain guide Emmanuel Cauchy "Vertical doctor" dies by an avalanche in Chamonix

– Monday, April 2, 2018 – Updated at 7:15 p.m.

Doctor Vertical was his nickname and also
one of the French professions Emmanuel Cauchy (Normandy,
1960), who died this morning in Chamonix at 58 a
cause of an avalanche
while guiding a group of skiers in
an off-piste activity in the massif des Aiguilles. The
authorities have reported that three more people have suffered
injuries in the accident, but their lives are not in danger.

Cauchy was a lover of the peaks and a
very prepared to work near them: was doctor of
height, mountain guide
and also project director
European Institute IFREMMONT
(Institute for Training and Research in
Mountain Medicine).

As reported by the French press,
Cauchy collaborated remotely in the treatment of Elisabeth Revol
a few weeks ago. Your experience with specific ailments of
height helped to treat injuries suffered by his compatriot
during his hospitalization in Pakistan after his rescue in
the Nanga Parbat

Author of Vertical Doctor who tells the anecdotes of a mountain doctor

The bond of Cauchy with the mountain
it also included disclosure. In addition to directing documentaries
He was the author of several books, two of them translated into Spanish by Ediciones
Unevenness The first one, Doctor Vertical (2005),
narrates with a lot of sense of humor the anecdotes of lived after
of decades of practice as a rescuer.

"With a degree in medicine in
My pocket, I only saw one way out for my future: to become a doctor
mountain, save the shepherdesses in distress and climb the Everest ! ",
write in one of the first articles. "I imagined attacking
the untouched slopes of the Alps with the seal skins on the
skis, running to the aid of an isolated parturient, victim of
an unexpected stoppage. Waiting for such a longed moment, and after checking
that the few women who went into labor prematurely used to
to do it in a fire truck, I was presented with the opportunity to
to fulfill my military service in the High Mountain Military School
as a medical aspirant. "

Cauchy had made numerous
expeditions in the Andes and the Himalayas

Later on, he reflects on the
sportsmen "who tempt the devil by surfing earrings
abominable "with the boldness that youth gives. "What can I do?
Say, if I've been like them! I did not break my horns, but
I was on several occasions. Therefore, I have a tendency to
think that between the face and the cross there is a third option: the
slap […]tan necessary for survival . "

Your next book, Medicine
(2007), is a
manual to face all those setbacks that one does not expect
when it goes to the mountain but they can reach it, from a simple blister
to a pulmonary edema, going through all types of trauma.

Cauchy had made numerous
expeditions in the Andes and in the Himalayas, including
Everest without oxygen
. The Wilderness Medical Society awarded him the year
gone through his research on freezing.

"I will never understand the reason why we are attracted to a universe as perverse as this"

His book "Doctor Vertical" describes in a realistic and carefree way the profession of mountain rescue doctor to whom he devoted his life. In this paragraph, he reflects on the attraction of the mountain:

"Fifteen years ago I am at the bottom of the canyon, fifteen years of rescues in the massif, an extraordinary garden twenty kilometers long and ten kilometers wide, a formidable steep playing field bristling with peaks and ice where, as In the sea, everything can happen at any moment I have the feeling of having seen everything, of having done everything … I did the imbecile when I was young and arrogant, I was prudent long after, when the first gray hairs came out. A myriad of unforgettable memories have gathered, moments associated with so many friends, some of whom I saw disappearing in horror a few days later, I will never understand the reason why we are attracted to a universe as perverse as this one. beauty, space, effort, danger … a reason to exist? "


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Review: The Black Diamond Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag

Black Diamond Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag

On April 1, Black Diamond released their newest and most ingenious idea to solve cold fingers at the crag: the Black Diamond Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag.

On April 1 of 2017, Black Diamond released the HonnSolo climbing pack with Alex Honnold for April Fools.

And this year, Black Diamond and Honnold teamed up again to produce the first available heated chalked.

“After soling El Cap, I decided to focus all of my energy on sport climbing,” said Honnold.

“But the transition wasn’t as easy as you’d think. I mean, soling El Cap is one thing, but sending a heinously crimpy 5.14 in sending temps? Now, that’s burly. I tried everything to keep my fingers from going numb,” he said.

Combining the technology of its heated gloves, Hot Forge jackets and amazing chalk bags, Black Diamond has changed how climbers will plan their road trips.

Just because the temps are cold, doesn’t mean you can’t get after it.

Black Diamond Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag

Despite appearing as a joke, the Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag is very real and we tested it on April 1 at a cold crag in Ontario.

It features fully rechargeable AddHeat Technology, which provides three-level warmth that’s controllable via an integrated LED switch. To heat your fingers, the button is intended to be squeezed while chalking up.

On the exterior, you’ll find 80 grams of baffled down insulation to keep the warmth where you need it—inside your chalk bag.

Putting the Hot Forge to test on steep Ontario limestone

It includes a lithium-ion battery and wall charger with international adapters.

The battery life with a full charge will last up to eight hours on a low charge, and two on high.

It was the most effective chalk bag we’d every used. Our testers all said that in between crimping cold rock, their digits warmed quickly in the new chalk bag.

This is an exclusive item so head to Black Diamond to get your Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag now here.

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Matteo Della Bordella and Silvan Schupbach open 'King Kong' at Cerro Riso Patrón



The Italian Mateo Della Bordella and the
Swiss Silvan Schupbach have opened King Kong (900 m, M7 +, 90 °),
a mixed way in the Cerro Riso Patrón with which they have conquered the
South top of the mountain, which nobody had yet managed. East
it is his story in the first person.


Matteo Della Bordella / Silvan Schupbach /
– Monday, April 2, 2018 – Updated at 3:45 pm




                     Matteo Della Bordella and Silvan Schupbach during the opening of 'King Kong'en the Cerro Riso Patrón. 2018

Matteo Della Bordella and Silvan Schupbach during the opening of 'King Kong' at Cerro Riso Patrón. 2018 (© M.Della Bordella and S. Schupbach)



From February 9 to March 3, 2018
We spent 22 days in the Bernardo O'Higgins National Park of Chile
to climb the remote Cerro Riso Patrón (2,350 m). This mysterious
mountain is located on the western side of Continental Ice and
It is about 70 kilometers from the famous Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy.
There are few climbers who have visited it: the central summit (about
2,550 meters) has been reached twice (1988, Ferrari and company;
2015, French expedition). The southern summit (about 2,350 m) has not yet been
he had ascended.

It is difficult to get to Cerro Riso
and, in addition, is exposed to the Patagonia weather. We decided to
that the style for our expedition would be that of "fair play"
-We decided to arrive in Falkland Fjord by kayak, which meant
a route of 100 km from Puerto Eden, the closest place.
When we arrived in Puerto Edén, we spent a whole day visiting the
offices of the authorities. Get permission from the Navy, the
Police and the National Park turned out to be very complicated, and more
It would have been good to have a lawyer on the team.

"We immediately told each other
mind that something was not as we expected "

We could start on February 10 and
we managed to complete the kayak approach in three days thanks to
the good conditions. Once we reach the place for our
base camp (known as Fonrouge Bay), we immediately gave ourselves
mind that something was not as we expected: instead of the usual
forest full of green plants and birds, what we had in front
it was a brown and gray landscape with broken trees, dead fish and
pieces of ice. The only explanation we found was that the
area had suffered a huge tsunami
recently that there
destroyed everything up to a distance of a kilometer or kilometer and
half from the coast inwards.

The day after our arrival we
We dedicate to explore the area (called Comesana Valley). Reach
the advanced base camp and then the mountain was one of the many
unknowns of the expedition. The chosen approach implied
crossing a large river that came from the lake and, in order to do so, one
of us he got into said lake to ride an acrobatic
zip line
of 80 meters. The rubber boots turned out to be elements
essential for this swampy terrain.

"Happy to have conquered
this virgin summit, we feel overwhelmed when looking north "

In the end, on February 15 we established
the base camp advanced about one and a half hours from the start
of the wall. Everything was ready and we just needed good weather
to start climbing! The lack of this window made us think of
different strategies and routes. When we had seen the nth
storm from the advanced base camp, and with a part of good weather
of a day and a half, it became clear that the only reasonable line
clear ice ramp halfway to the south / west side . With
the semi-dry material in our backpacks, the climbing began on 23
February for moderate or mixed land that included a few
long streaks that then led to the ice ramp.

The conditions were perfect and we could enjoy good ice up to 90º. After
12 hours of climbing we expected an overwhelming view of the field
of ice at sunset from the summit. Happy for having conquered
this virgin summit, we feel overwhelmed when looking north: our
dream of completing the climb with the crossing to the top
central faded because the good weather window was too
small and because of the obvious difficulties. After bivouac in a
very cozy cave under the top, we descended by the south edge and
we rapped the west face.

Already back and safe in the field
base, we thought that we would have liked to be able to climb more in this
but time definitely went wrong. After
dedicate a long day to take all the material from the base camp
advanced, we started our way back in kayak, which included
five days of fighting against strong gusts.


Winter Climbing:


Ice and mixed climbing

Modern technique by Will Gadd

From the hand of Will Gadd -one of the most outstanding names in today's sport- comes a complete guide on ice and mixed climbing. The author presents here the same techniques of the highest level and veteranasabidez that he teaches in his seminars. This attractive combination of descriptions step by step, peppered with stories drawn from real experiences, is illustrated by convincing color photographs by Roger Chayer.


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Sachi Amma Sends Japan’s First 5.15b with Soul Mate

Sachi Amma on Soul Mate

Last week, Sachi Amma sent Soul Mate and has claimed the steep new line is 5.15b.

The hard line is at Gozen Rock in Japan and is now the most difficult sport route in the country.

Amma, 29, bolted his “ERProject” last December after sending Maturity 5.15a .

“Every week, I kept coming at least one day to try and I Finally sent it on March 25,” said Amma.

“I decided to grade it easy 9b [5.15b]. It was really difficult to grade. Because the crux part is really bouldery and reachy. It is V14/8b+ for me. But it can be V13/8b or V15/8c by physique and ability.”

In 2015, Amma climbed Fight or Flight 5.15b in Spain and won the World Cup in 2014.

Amma redpointed his first 9b in 2015, Fight or flight at Siurana in Spain while throughout that year he sent 10 routes graded 9a or harder. In 2012 and 2013 he won the Lead Lead World Cup.

His new 5.15b is the latest in the growing list of a grade that was once thought nearly impossible.

Scroll through Amma’s photos of him on Soul Mate below.

Full 5.15b List

C.R.S. 5.15b in Mollans, France
Delincuente Natural 5.15b in Rodellar, Spain
Fight Club 5.15b in Canmore, Canada
Fight or Flight 5.15b in Oliana, Spain
First Round First Minute 5.15b in Margalef, Spain
Golpe de Estado 5.15b in Siurana, Spain
Iron Curtain 5.15b in Flatanger, Norway
Jumbo Love 5.15b in Clark Mountain, USA
La Capella 5.15b in Siurana, Spain
La Planta de Shiva 5.15b in Villanueva de Rosario, Spain
Lapsus 5.15b in Andonno, Italy
Mamichula 5.15b in Oliana, Spain
Meiose 5.15b in Charmey, Switzerland
Move Hard 5.15b in Flatanger, Norway
Neanderthal 5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain
One Slap 5.15b in Arco, Italy
Queen Line 5.15b in Arco, Italy
Rainman 5.15b in Malham Cove, United Kingdom
Rob in Ud 5.15b in Alternatívna stena, Slovakia
Soul Mate 5.15b in Gozen Rock, Japan
Stoking the Fire 5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain
Alasha 5.15a/5.15b in Mallorca, Spain
Catxasa (R2) 5.15a/5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain
Es Pontas 5.15a/5.15b in Mallorca, Spain
Marina Superstar 5.15a/5.15b in Domusnovas, Italy
Supernova 5.15a/5.15b in Frankenjura, Germany
Torture Physique Integrale 5.15a/5.15b in Gastlosen, Switzerland
Vicious Circle 5.15a/5.15b in Mišja Peč, Slovenia

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Indoor Weekly: Never Do Gym-to-Trad Lead Climbing!

Trad climbing skills take years to learn

It’s spring and many climbers will be wanting to test their indoor climbing skills outdoors on real stone, but there are serious consequences if things go wrong.

So far in 2018, at least one climber has died trad climbing in North America from their gear pulling on on a lead fall. And three others have broken their backs or legs.

Gyms instruct climbers how to lead in a gym, but not outdoors, so don’t assume you can lead outdoors just because you have a lead card for indoors.

And under no circumstances should you ever lead outdoors using trad gear without proper instructions and training.

Both, sport climbing and trad climbing are a form of lead climbing, which means the first climber to go up is not protected by a rope from above.

A trad climber carries not just quick draws, but a whole rack of climbing gear consisting of cams, nuts and sometimes hexes that get placed into cracks in the wall.

Just because you watched a YouTube video, saw an Instagram photo and bought some cams doesn’t mean you know anything about placing gear in cracks, vertically or horizontally.

Placing gear often doubles the amount of time you’re on lead, which means you’ll be more pumped, which means you can’t climb those high gym grades on trad climbs.

Trad climbing is a skill that takes years to perfect, is dangerous at best and more climbers die every year trad climbing than sport climbing.

Trad climbs often follow vertical features like cracks. That means the rope is often behind your leg. If you don’t know how to keep the rope infront of your legs on lead, don’t trad climb.

Trad climbing anchors are difficult to build, especially equalized.

Trad climbing anchor

We recommend that you built a strong set of skills under the supervision of veteran trad climbers. The internet can’t teach you the skills you need.

Find a local guide, contact the Alpine Club of Canada or American Alpine Club and take a course.

Below is a list of skills that you need to know, if you don’t know them then don’t trad climb.

15 Trad Climb Must-Knows

Difference between passive and active pro.
What ERNEST means.
How to equalize anchors from two- to six-points.
How to ensure a piton is safe to use.
How to make your first piece multi-directional.
How to make multi-pitch anchors multi-directional.
How to use a munter, clove and girth hitch.
How to tie a water knot.
How to remove a nut, cam, tri-cam and hex.
How to use shoulder- double-length slings.
How to extend protection.
How to lower/raise an injured climber from above and below.
How to use a prussik.
How to unlock a guide-style loaded belay device.
What the American death triangle is.

Watch a lead climber fall with no helmet and rip three pieces of trad gear out. Wear a helmet, don’t trad lead climbing if you can’t properly place gear.

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Raffle for two free stays for two people in the Arouca Geopark of Portugal

In the last issue of Grandes Espacios


Readers of the last issue of Grandes Espacios, both in its traditional version and in the digital version, have the opportunity to participate in the draw for two free stays in the Arouca Geopark of Portugal, a territory close to Oporto that brings together a total of forty one sites of geological interest that stand out for their uniqueness and value which earned him his recognition as a geopark on the part of of the UN in 2009. In the middle of the Geopark are the Passadiços del Paiva, a spectacular system of aerial footbridges that run along the river of the same name.


Monday, April 2, 2018 – Updated at 11: 00h.




                     Free stay of two days in Arouca Geopark

Free stay of two days in Arouca Geopark



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Sachi Amma proposes with 'Soul Mate' the first 9b in Japan

In Gozen Rock


Via equipped by himself that is
It takes after three months of attempts. He has graduated from "soft 9b"
and becomes the first 9b in Japan (and the entire Asian continent) and the second for Sachi, who had already chained "Fight or Flight" in February 2015.


Monday, April 2, 2018 – Updated at 09: 14h.




                     Sachi Amma in "Soul Mate", the first Japanese 9b. "/> </div>
Sachi Amma in "Soul Mate", the first Japanese 9b. (Masaaki Maeda)
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"I felt playful, cheerful,
challenging, silent and sensitive, with a little tension and fear.
When I caught the last kill, everything was released. I chained ERProject
yesterday "announced on March 26, the same Sachi Amma in networks
social. The next day he had already chosen a name for his
"ElephantRock project": Soul Mate located in the climbing area
of Gozen Rock near Tokyo, which thus becomes the first
9b proposal from Japan and the entire Asian continent

It's a line equipped by Sachi about three months ago that he has not stopped besieging since then, such and
as he tells himself: "Equipé ERProject last December,
after chaining Maturity (9a +) in Gozen Rock. Since then
every week I have come at least one day to try it until finally
I could chain it on March 25 . On the degree, I have decided
graduate it an easy 9b
. It has been very difficult to graduate, since
Track key is a very block and long step
. For me it's 8B +,
but it could be both 8B and 8C depending on the physical and
capacity. I want to thank the miraculous meeting
of this project that I have enjoyed so much. I feel super full of

Second 9b of Sachi

At 28, Sachi Amma has where
compare, the February 1, 2015 took his first 9b with Fight or
in Oliana and as soon as it was lowered that same day it chained
also Joe-cita (9a). In fact it was one of his best seasons in
rock, achieving on a three-week trip through Catalonia – one of
your favorite destinations- to carry three 9a's, three 9a's and 9b's. Of
humble character, friendly and easy to smile
Sachi sum a dozen ways
of 9a +
among others Biographie, La Rambla Papichulo or Pachamama and
other eight of 9a or 9a / + . He is also an outstanding climber in
competition, with two World Cups of Difficulty (2012 and 2013) and
usual of the international podiums.

30 routes of 9b or more in the world

With this new addition, the list of
9b's of the world goes up to 25 to which are added The bon combat (9b / +) of
Sharma in La Cova de l'Ocell and the three 9b + that currently exist:
The Dura dura in Oliana, The Change in Flatanger and Vasil Vasil in the
Czech Republic, all of them with first ascent of Adam Ondra and only the Dura dura
with Chris Sharma's repetition; in addition to the proposal of 9c Silence of
Ondra in Flatanger.


A great review of the history of climbing


 Book cover The 9th grade, 150 years of free climbing [BAJA] "src =" -9-degree-150-years-of-escalation-free_p.jpg "style =" float: left; margin: 5px; height: 172px; width: 150px; "/> </p>
<p> The 9th grade </p>
<p> 150 years of free climbing </p>
<p> In the pages of this book you will find a great review of the history of climbing, you will touch the lives and motivations of those who made and make free climbing more than just a sport. </p>
<p>                                </p></div>
<p><br />
<br /><a href=Source link

Vikki Weldon Sends Her Second V10

Canadian Vikki Weldon has climbed her second V10, this time in Joe’s Valley.

On Instagram, she reported, “Yeeeeow! Did that really happen?! Last day, best day at Joe’s Valley with a send of Finger Hut V10.

“Only my second of the grade and my first in eight years! Real happy! Off the Leavenworth!”

Click on the clip below to watch Weldon’s send while her partner Tom Wright encourages.

Weldon’s first V10 was back in 2010 in Squamish when she ticked Worm World Cave Low in the Grand Wall Boulders.

She has sent at least six V9s, including Bob’s Liquor Mart on Big Rock near Calgary and Sesame Street in Squamish.

On the rope, Weldon has climbed five 5.14a, including Eulogy at Maple Canyon, Flying Ant at Acephale and Tom et je ris in Verdon.

Weldon, 29, grew up in a family of climbers and started climbing at a young age. Based in Calgary, her home crags included the steep and difficult Acephale. Her first 5.13 was at age 15.

She’s made first ascents in countries such as Morocco and Greenland and was a seven-time Canadian Youth National Champion and three-time Canadian Open Bouldering Champion.

Follow her on Instagram and watch her recent V10 send below.

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Possible 5.16a Climbed in Canada by Bob and Doug

Not the climb, a stock photo. But cool looking.

During the warm weather spell in Canada last week, well-known senders Bob and Doug climbed what might be the world’s first 5.16a.

The project, bolted by Terry and Deaner, was first imagined by Tron.

The steep line is complicated and follows bottle-capped sized holds up the Hoser Wall at the Hoser Crag.

“The 5.16, as it has come to be known, is as elusive as the Sasquatch and Ogopogo,” said Andrew Cohen, The Unfinished Climb: The Grade We Are. “It has animated—and frustrated—generations of senders.”

The first time Bob and Doug laid eyes on the route was on May 24, 1980.

It was the first sport climber ever bolted in North America using indoor-bolt-spacing techniques of keeping bolt spacing about two feet apart.

Bob said to Doug, “You knob, if it’s not climbed by March 31, 2018, youz better climb it, eh.”

So last week, the pair of Canadian brothers returned to that Canadian crag, strait off their couch.

“Take off, eh,” Bob said to Doug as they reported to Gripped via landline. And take off Doug did.

He took chug of his strange brew and started up, being sure not to Z-clip any of the 35 bolts on the 18-metre slab to overhang to box-corner to dihedral past a roof and long-reach crux to the final bulge and undercling double gaston chain-clipping hold.

Two-four move after two-four move, Doug made his way up.

Terry, Deaner and Tron showed up to encourage, one yelled out, “I recommend you try another sport. Maybe knitting!”

That’s when Deaner said, “Tron, you funkin’ blow! Just give’r eh!”

“Are you a hoser!?” said Doug to Bob as he neared the chains. “You’re short-roping my clips, eh!”

Just then, Doug finished the route and everyone celebrated with a bottoms-up of a an Elsinore Beer.

“Nice one ya hoser, eh!” said Bob to Doug as he lowered to the ground.

Terry whispered to Deaner that he thought Bob and Doug should call it Fubar, but Bob and Doug has already picked a name: Great White North.

We are awaiting the route’s exact location, but heard that Bill and Ted have been commissioned by sponsors to confirm the grade.

When reached in a phone booth, Ted told us he heard the climb is, “Bogus. Heinous. Most non-triumphant,” and that it’s likely only 5.15d.

This is a developing story.

Bob and Doug

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