The Italian mountaineer Simone La Terra disappears in the Dhaulagiri



Our arrival at the base camp of the
Dhaulagiri to follow the expedition of Carlos Soria has come
accompanied by a sad fact: the disappearance of the mountaineer
Italian Simone La Terra, who yesterday suffered an accident when his
Store rushed to the void. A helicopter has rescued today its


Darío Rodríguez from the base camp of Dhaulagiri
– Monday, April 30, 2018 – Updated at 09: 41h.




                     Rescue Helicopter this morning at Dhaulagiri base camp.2018

Rescue helicopter this morning at Dhaulagiri base camp.2018 (@ Darío Rodríguez)



Our arrival at the base camp of the
Dhaulagiri has been accompanied by a sad fact: the disappearance
of the Italian mountaineer Simone Laterra . This morning, very early (to
6 a.m.) with the base camp totally covered by fog,
The rescue helicopter has arrived. The possibilities of
finding him alive were nil, but you had to try. On
everything, for the peace of your family.

From the helicopter they have been able to see their
body, retrieve it and descend it to the base camp
. Amazing the
expertise of the Nepali pilot and the Sherpas who have participated in the
rescue, because the place where the body was found has demanded
his skill.

Badly fixed shop

The accident took place before yesterday
in the afternoon. Simone promoted with the Polish Waldemar Dominic and
decided to set up shop in field 3 under. Waldemar did not like it
the site and decided to keep going up.
He also did not like what he found above and decided to go down.
When I was talking to Simone, who was inside the
store, this one slipped (surely Simone had not fixed it
firmly) and fell down the very steep slope. Your body has
recovered this morning below field 2.

The scene of the body of Simone hung
of the helicopter arriving at the base camp has impressed us all.
Waldemar Dominic was very affected in the base camp by the
impression of being talking to a person who at that moment
rushes into the vacuum inside the store.

In the mountains, how he reminded us Mikel
who runs the Sherpas team that accompanies Carlos Soria, can not commit
Minimal error … "An error and a whole life is lost".

Failure to equip the last part of the

Carlos and his companions (Sito
Carcavilla and Luis Miguel Soriano
) are in the waiting period. The
fields are mounted. Lack to equip the last part of the
mountain (from field 3 upwards), what the sherpas will do in
the next two days. Then the Sherpas will have to rest two
or three days and as soon as the weather allows it, they can try the
top. Mikel Sherpa, who is very positive, this morning told us that
maybe before May 10 . The important thing is that Carlos, Sito and
Luis is acclimatized, strong and motivated.

We will tell you from the base camp
this incredible human and mountain adventure that supposes
that a person of 79 years is trying to ascend an eight-thousand
besides, it is not easy and it is quite dangerous.


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