Denis Urubko tells his solo attempt to winter K2

It reached the 7,600 meters and fell into a crack


The Russian-Polish mountaineer is already on his way
towards Skardu after having abandoned the Polish winter expedition to K2. These are his first
impressions of what he lived on the mountain.

– Wednesday, February 28, 2018 – Updated at 10:03 p.m.




                     Denis Urubko to 7,600 in the winter K2 2018.

Denis Urubko to 7,600 in the winter K2 2018. (© Denis Urubko)



Denis Urubko has already left the base camp of the winter K2 .
After his attempt alone and without permission of Krzysztof Wielicki the leader of
the expedition, he had no choice but to leave and leave for home. Before
of undertaking the trekking back to Skardu this morning, has had
the occasion to send a text in which he has firsthand how was his
adventure in the mountain these days, in which reached an estimated height of
about 7,600 meters
very close to the maximum height ever reached in the winter K2
(the 7,650 m that precisely he himself tried in 2003 together with Marcin Kaczkan and
Piotr Morawski).

In the text -in Russian-, Denis Urubko warns that for now
will only talk about "the action" and that leaves "the reasons and the reasons, the
inconsistencies and problems "for later
. Explain that he was catching
eaten stealthily to prepare for his plan and it was not necessary
haul gas because they had stored more than enough in the camps of

"The weather forecast for February 26 is the day of
the opportunity. I do not want to transfer responsibility to anyone. I escape in
secret after breakfast
and climb to 6,250 m. Here is my store and heaps
of bad weather ", tells about the first day of his attempt. Bad weather
It was a constant that accompanied him during the three days he was away from
base field.

"The next day it reached 7,200 m and evil continues
time, "insists Denis, who had to dig a cave in the snow to pass the
night. It was put on at dawn, still in the dark at 3:30
hours. According to his narration, he observed risk of avalanches on the slopes of K2 ,
as it exceeded the maximum height reached by Adam Bielecki and himself
a few days before.

Denis Urubko explains that it was avoiding holes and cracks
until reaching below the Shoulder, "probably at 7,600 m"
. "You do not intuit
Let the sun rise … nothing at all. Only a huge storm. " TO
Then, Denis had an incident that was about to ruin
everything: "Suddenly, a glow and a crack to my left. Caught! To me
right, a hole opens up to the center of the planet. Right, I've fallen
about five meters after a snow bridge collapsed
. Now I need a
miracle! I find the way out. Thanks to my father for intuition
I carry in my blood! "

After leaving the crack, he began the descent, immersed in a
time getting worse until arriving at night at base camp . "And up to date
Next, the time, incredible as it may seem, got even worse! "


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