"I would not like to solve the mystery of Irvine and Mallory"


Ion Berasategi is a man of science
surrounded by numbers. A few years ago he set out to test if he knew
write something with substance, and it seems that yes: "Here I am, with the
Unleveled Literature Award in hand, "he told us in the
presentation of Everest. Because it's there ,
the winning novel of this edition.

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Ion Berasategi (1969) is a climber
in rock that in his youth he used ice axes and crampons. This
facet and some personal journey have been the points of support for
write Everest. Because it's there the winning novel of
Prize Desnivel de Literatura 2017 .

The book links two stories: that of
two current climbers trying to crown Everest and that of
George Mallory and Andrew Irvine although these are never mentioned
Name (s. "If I put the same ones there are those who could think that what
the rest was true, too. I changed everything and I invented the
stories, "he says in reference to the great mystery surrounding these
two pioneers since they disappeared on Everest in 1924.
Did they go up or not? "I give a vision of what happened more
dictated by the heart than by the brain, "he says.

The mystery is one of the pillars of
the novel …

The origin of the book is in the
mystery surrounding Everest, if Mallory and Irvine were the
first to conquer the top. The story came together with a trip
I did to Tibet, and from there I thought that why not
combine a version of me, inspired by that of the British in
1924, with another more modern one. I did not want to make a copy and paste,
that I took some details and rewrote the rest.

To solve the mystery?
I would not like to solve it. In the book
I give a version of what might have happened, but I would not like it to be
discover the mystery
this is more interesting than reality.
Deciphering it would be like putting out a candle that is lit from the
same day that the two climbers disappeared, it would be a disappointment,
I prefer that it is not known.

"The protagonists are two
friends who raise the goal of Everest without pressure "

Then there's the other story, the one about
the current climbers. Who are they?

They are two modern mountaineers who decide
do the north of Everest through the Horbein corridor, I tried to
they were very prepared and were able to do that activity. In
At any given time they criticize the evictions, but they give themselves
account that they have the sponsorship of the same companies that there are
behind. They raise it to him and they say that they will have to look for a
solution, but they do not give it much thought either because they do not see it easy.

This contrasts with the situation in
1920, when the British Empire sought prominence. There was
lost the races to the two poles and the third that was left was the
that's why he threw all the meat in the spit and put the resources
what was needed In contrast, those of the current expedition are two
friends who raise the goal of Everest without pressure, because
It has been raised a thousand people before them.

How long has it taken you
write the novel?

About a year, but putting me
after working, doing some sport and having dinner. I wrote
between ten and twelve o'clock at night. What has cost me most has
been recover inspiration when he was leaving. There are nights when
you write two folios and you feel the king, and others in which you write
two lines and you go to bed thinking about what you have opened the

"Women are demonstrating
that can do things as much or better than men "

Do you have the scheme in your head?
before writing?

Ideas come up as you write
I write, many did not have them planned from the beginning, like
theme of love
that arises between one of the protagonists and a girl
Tibetan It seems love at first sight without a future but then …

Do you rewrite a lot?
I think about it a lot but never
you finish being happy If I now read the book again
I would change things. I tried to make the story not very technical for
that not only interested people very expert in mountaineering.

What is your favorite character?
The dog. It gives a very nice touch to
history, and also the two girls, especially the one in
old expedition. Nobody bets on her, everyone believes that
second day he will ask for help to get to his father's house, and
It turns out that no. If they had let her try Everest who knows
how far I could have come Women are demonstrating
that can do things as much or better than men today,
I have no doubts, that's why I decided that we had to give prominence to
in the two stories of the novel.

How did you choose the title?
The title is complicated. People,
When he reads, he thinks it's a question. Why is there? Y
is an answer: because is there. It is the answer that
Mallory gave an American
in 1923 when he went to promote the
expedition the following year. He asked why he wanted
ascend that mountain and Mallory's response, dry, was: because
is there.


Prize Desnivel de Literatura 2017:


 Book cover: Everest. Because it is there. Desnivel Award 2017. "src =" http://static.desnivel.com/images/2017/11/17/everest-porque-esta-ahi_web.jpg "style =" width: 150px; height: 223px; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; margin: 5px; float: left; "/> </p>
<p> Everest. Because it's there </p>
<p> <em> Prize Desnivel 2017 </em> </p>
<p> Everest. Because it is there, it gathers the best ingredients of all those books that inspired different generations of "conquerors of the useless". A story in parallel, which gains interest and tension as it progresses; where the experiences of those pioneers of 1924 are intertwined, with those of two modern climbers. In a narrative with a large dose of humor and irony. </p>
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