Alex Honnold, the climber who brings electricity to the poor

The Sacramento climber donates a third of his income to the
Honnold Foundation, through which it provides electricity to communities of
African countries such as Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania or Zambia.

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The figure of Alex Honnold is well known by the
Community climber. Its ascensions in integral integral have carved one
Notoriety well deserved, that at the end of last spring got the cherry
With the first ropeless climb of El Capitan through the Freerider [1945910]

Your history
Of large ascensions in single integral began to stand out in a remarkable way in
2007, when he repeated the ascensions in integral integral of Astroman and Rostrum that
Made the mythical Peter Croft in 1987. Since then, his activity in the
Vertical terrain was on the rise: Moonlight
in Zion and Regular Northwest
al Half Dome (2008), Original al
Rainbow Wall (2010), Cosmic debris The
Direct north buttress al
Middle Cathedrat and several others (2011) …

In 2014, Alex Honnold completed one of the most
Media repercussions have given you, Sendero
in Potrero Chico
(Mexico). The images that were recorded in that
Then the hairs of many thousands of people all over the world
Through networks. Although all of the above paled when it was made public
His last and greatest achievement: the aforementioned ascension into integral solo of El Capitan .

Honnold Foundation

This trajectory, has given to Alex Honnold a popularity
Which has gone even beyond the world of climbing. Your character has been
Glossed by means as transversal as the program 60 Minutes or the newspaper The
New York Times
and has been home of National

Part of the mystique of Alex Honnold that many of his
Followers know well, lies in the way they live: they have no fixed address,
But resides in his van often parked in the vicinity of
Yosemite . It enjoys important sponsorships with brands like The North Face, Black
Diamond, La Sportiva, Goal Zero, Stride Health or Maxim Ropes, and has performed
Advertising campaigns that have reported some extra income.

But Alex Honnold does not exercise his professionalism in the
Climbing as a way to make money
. And this statement does not remain as a
Simple slogan or marketing phrase, but it shows it in your day to day,
by donating a third of its income to the foundation that
Bears his name.

The Honnold Foundation is an NGO founded by Alex Honnold in
and dedicated to helping poor communities by providing solutions
Creative, sustainable and affordable energy sources that enable them to access
Electricity and other basic resources. On its website, it points out that
Institution "seeks simple and sustainable ways to improve lives around
of the world. Simplicity is the key; Low impact and better life is the goal "

"LED bulbs that help a girl see her books
school? Solar panels or biosensors to generate
Electricity and clean water? A local library of tools that connects
A neighborhood and reduces its expenses, or a public transportation network that helps
That a community moved safely and cleanly? The Honnold Foundation
Supports projects like these and others and works for a bright clean future,
Healthy, efficient and global
", explains the website of the foundation.

Alex Honnold himself summarizes his way of thinking about
Next reflection: "In what I have thought a lot is the idea of ​​giving only
Tiny steps towards a larger goal. When you have a long target
Term that seems insurmountable, but then, once you start to chew it
To small bites, becomes something possible "


Alex Honnold's exploits are staggering, hairs on end


Alone on the wall

by Alex Honnold

«Alex Honnold's exploits are staggering, they make the hair stand on end. Reading his ascents left me physically touched. However, as this fascinating book highlights, Honnold is neither mad nor reckless. 'Solo on the wall' reveals him as a completely unique and extremely interesting young man. "(Jon Krakauer)


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