7 Sherpas and their 5 clients, first tops in K2 since 2014



The expedition led by Mingma Gyalje
Sherpa has brought to the summit three Chinese climbers, the
British-American Vanessa O'Brien and Icelandic John Snorri Sigurjonsson
In a 16 hour attack to the top with an unreliable meteo.


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– Saturday, July 29, 2017 – Updated at 08:00




                     Expedition of Dreamers Destination to K2 2017, in the base field

Expedition of Dreamers Destination to K2 2017, in the base camp (Photo: Dreamers Destination)



The K2 (8.611 m) has had a very exciting day. The
Meteorological conditions were not objectively good and the various
Expeditions that had trusted in the window of good weather had to decide on
The C4 if you risk and continue up or turn around and wait for a
More auspicious occasion.

The Swedish Fredrik Sträng and the Polish Andrzej Bargiel were
Among those who decided to get off. The latter had the objective of
Descent of the K2 in skis, after to have skied other ochomiles and wrote in
Their social networks: "After a couple of days in bad weather, snowfall and without
Visibility, finally the sun has left today. There is a small window, but
According to different forecasts, the weather will change again this afternoon.
There simply is not enough time to think about a summit attack.
We have to patiently wait for the conditions to improve … "

In addition to them, a
Important group of Nepali agency Dreamers Destinations, under the leadership
Of Mingma Gyalje Sherpa . In all, there were nine Sherpas and five clients. They
Took the risky decision to go ahead and face an effort
Very hard

In the end, Mingma Gyalje, six other Sherpas, the
British-American Vanessa O'Brien Icelandic John Snorri Sigurjonsson
and the Chinese Azong, Zhang Liang and Jing Xue reached the summit between
Four and five in the afternoon. There were 16 hours of ascension followed
Later of a long descent. For now, there has only been confirmation
Of the summit, carried out through social networks by Mingma himself

First peaks since 2014

With these summits, the K2 closes a record of three years without
Summits, since the previous ones go back to 2014. In fact, of the last nine
Seasons (since 2009), its summit has only been reached in three
Normal route (2012, 2014 and 2017; in addition, the group of Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner
Achieved by the northern slope in 2011). In the other six summers nobody was able
To climb. In addition, some of those who tried it suffered accidents that
Ended with their lives as Fredrik Ericsson in 2010 and Marty and
Denali Schmidt
in 2013.


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