66 recommended areas to climb in summer in Spain

Eva Martos / Desnivel.com
– Friday, June 30, 2017 – Updated at 12: 28h

These 66 proposals are just one
small sample of the large number of climbing areas that has
Our geography, although it is certain that with the arrival of the heat,
The destination option is reduced. Both of the
This list as of other areas you will find expanded information
(With location map and all relevant practical data) in
Our web zonesdeescalada.com, also available in application
Free for iOS and Android

Although evidently the north of the
is where the preferential destinations for the
Summer climbing, we have tried to cover the maximum possible
Our geography
selecting options in all communities
including in total 33 provinces . Of course it is not a
Exhaustive list, you can complete it with your knowledge.

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Quéntar Swamp (Granada):
Destination to enjoy the psychobloc in the summer. It is a cave
Which is accessed from the marsh dam (from the village of
Quéntar), although some small boat is needed to
To get to it.

Cueva Poloria (Granada): routes
Plunged into a sunken cave that guarantees shade, especially for
The afternoon given its east orientation. It is an area that has lived a
Expansion in recent times with new openings, we are
Preparing an article to be published in the next issue of the
Escalar magazine. Stay tuned …

Samson (Dalías, Almería): en
A small wall of vertical to lying with generally easy routes,
Its west orientation makes it possible to climb in summer by the
Mornings In addition to the areas of the city, there are sketches on

Cave Fosforita (Belmez, Córdoba):
Located in Sierra Morena, does not have many ways, but it is a
Grotto in which we can climb in the summer protected from lightning
of the sun.

Tajo del Algarrobo (Luque, Córdoba):
Located in the Cordoba subbética sierra, is a zone of granite with
Many easy routes and whose north orientation allows to climb in

San Bartolo (Cadiz): is not that
Is a specifically summer area, but the proximity to the
Beaches of Bologna and Tarifa makes many choose it as a destination for
Summer, combining beach and climbing. It has sectors with different
With which, choosing tomorrow or evening, we can have
shadow. Reports in Desnivel nº 310 and Escalar nº 64.

Castilla y León

Galayos (Ávila): zone of
Classic climbing par excellence of the center area, whose
Granite have conquered generations of climbers. That
Yes, you have to go well provided with "friends" and other techniques of
The escalation of self-protection.

Solana (Ávila): its altitude, a
1,600 meters, makes the temperature in summer is not extreme,
In addition to the fact that many sectors are oriented east,
Receive shade in the evening

Vallejera de Riofrio (Salamanca):
in the Sierra de Béjar is nestled the shelter of
Vallejera, surrounded by granite cliffs where you can climb
In summer, as much self-protection as equipped and boulder roads. Their
Guards also provide all the necessary information.
We share as a sample (in the gallery on the right) the
Sketch of the Picacho sector of Vallejera, with good cracked quinuts

Hoyamayor (Candelario, Salamanca):
its 1,700 m altitude and its shady sectors make it
A good summer destination, as long as you like the granite of
Montana. More information on the charra association of climbing.

Hoyamoros (Salamanca) : the kingdom
Of the summer bustling par excellence. It is a high mountain area
2000 m altitude) with a delicate ecosystem that requires maximum
respect. Valuable information both from this and other areas of
Bderde of the region in onbloc.es

Mirantes de Luna (León): although
Small, is one of the few areas of León that has orientation
Northwest, so there is good shade in the morning. Degree roads
Medium in a quiet environment. We can download free
Sketches in cuatrovalles.es

Risca de Valdeprados (Segovia):
Small wall with shade in the morning granite regleter, next to
A river (not too clean). More info on the web of the
group of
Mountain La Acebeda

Cave of the Bottle or of the Arenal, a great vault of limestone with tracks
Demanding, receives shade in the morning, allowing the
Non-extreme heat days. Attention because they are private and
There are rules. Updated info on the blog La Garrafa.

Destination to practice with friends in summer in an environment
Incomprable, on the shores of the Black Lagoon. Sketch in the last
Edition of the guide Where to Climb

Of Somaén (Soria):

Demanding cave with hard grades. There are some sketches both on the web
From climbermanía.com
As in the blog

Castilla-La Mancha

Small Scotland (Villel de Mesa,
: small and quiet area bordering between
Guadalajara and Zaragoza with a diversity of orientations, specifically
The Retro sector is oriented north. More info in the magazine
Escalar nº 45 and most up-to-date sketches on the blog

La Pedriza: for summer ?! Is
Certain that most of its sectors are in the sun and are impossible
For the summer, but La Pedriza keeps treasures on north faces with
Vertical and collapsed walls in which you can climb in summer,
Like the north of the Buitreras, the risk of the Visionary, the wall of
Peñas Cagás … It's all about wanting to explore and do
The approaches early in the morning.

Peñas Pintadas: beautiful school
In the Sierra de Guadarrama, at about 1,800 m altitude, granite
Vertical and fissured with some curious orange crash that forces
A peculiar athletic climb. Article with enough sketches
Updated in the magazine Desnivel nº 343 .

Alto del Telegrafo: in the
Puerto de Navacerrada, has several small scattered walls
Of granite, but above all the roads are concentrated in El Meño.
An option to remove the monkey in summer.

Foradá (Petrer, Alicante): known
School summer refuge for the Alicante, with a long
Tradition of climbing.

Cave of Ambolo (Xávea, Alicante):
Excellent option for the practice of psychobloc, a large cave with
Jets that we can reach swimming.

Atzaneta del Maestrat (Castellón):
Small area – although with some quality route – with orientation
Northwest, good choice for summer. Article with sketches in
Magazine Escalar nº 87.

La Gotera (Villafranca del Cid,
wall located in a dry stream of a river, dry
In summer, which is the best season for a visit. Abundant

Vallada (Valencia): It is an area
But some sector, like the modern Land of Nobody, receives
Shade in the morning until well into the afternoon. Info on the
Guide to the climbing of L'Estret de les Aigües i de La


Pedraforca (Barcelona): your
Itineraries of several lengths of the northern wall of Pedraforca, as well as
Like in the north of the Pollegó, of alpine court, they are usually
Frequented on hot days. Semi-equipped classic climbing
With rock not always of the best quality. Info and sketch in the blog
Of the Estaen refuge

Gombrén (Girona): although the
Most parts of Montrony have a southern orientation, and therefore
Not recommended for summer, the small collapsed wall located at
Side of the village of Gombrèn "El castell de Les Dames", with
North orientation, it allows climbing in the summer season.

Three Ponts (Organyà, Lleida):
although the best time to climb here is spring and
Autumn, the evening shadow also lets you climb in summer. Good
Wall with many options between the seventh and eighth.

Cavallers (Lleida): is the zone
Par excellence of the granite climb in summer, with itineraries
Equipped and clean fissures both close to the dam, comfortable
Access, as well as in the upper area, sports in the surroundings
Of the Ventosa and Clavell refuge and classic tracks in the
Travessani. You can also do boulder.

La Pedrera, Collegats (Lleida) :
This sector with a less-than-different approach.
Go through a zip line with a cable installed, important to carry
Pulley or at least one steel carabiner) allows the
Summer whenever we get up early, because the wall receives sun at noon
(Approx. 2:00 p.m.)


Rodellar (Huesca): what to say about
Rodellar that has not been said already … Desplomes, puddles and … something of
Massification in summer.

Ampriu (Cerler, Huesca): rock
Gneiss and mountaineering environment, located at almost 2,000 meters of altitude.
Info in the guide Climbing next to Ésera, vol.2 by Luis Alfonso,
Where we will find other proposals for the summer.

Ordesa (Huesca): the temple of
The walls, only for lovers of self-protection. In the
Around (Bujareuelo, Torla) there are some
Long equipped.

Les Meses ( Canfranc, Huesca):
Recent article published in Escalar nº 108.

Bentué de Rasal (Huesca):
Limestone strip with demanding pathways, is cool but not for very long days
Hot Article in Escalar nº 104.

Senarca (Benasque, Huesca): shale
With chorreras, very few roads.

Tramacastilla de Tena (Huesca):
Pyrenean environment, has about thirty tracks and is surrounded
Of pleasant meadows.

Tower of Arcas (Huesca): zone of
Conglomerate with predominance of sixth grade. Info on the web of
Climbers of the low Aragon.


Cave Deboyu: en
One of the queen schools of the Asturian district, with access
Short and quiet. Sketch in the magazine Escalar nº 87.

Poo de Cabrales:
Its characteristic features are shaded in the afternoon. In the distance, El Naranjo and the enormity of calcareous walls of the Picos de Europa, which equally welcome the brave in summer.

School quite frequented in summer, in the frame of the Gorge
Of the Hermitage.

The variety of its sectors and its abundance of roads allows the
Climbing all year round in this well-known school.

Playa Negra (Avilés): Búlder
Aggressive on a wild beach. Article in magazine Escalar nº 91.

Las Rubias (Ubiña): area
Of búlder in high mountain. In the magazine Escalar nº 91 you will find
Info on this and other areas to block in Asturias.


Pechón: makes
Heat, has southeast orientation, but has the incentive to climb
near the beach.

The Hermit: The
Different sections of the Hermida Gorge, such as El Salmón or
Urdón, can be visited in summers not very hot.


Cabo Prior (A Coruña): zone
Queen of the Galician cliff, it is necessary to watch that yes the state of the
sea. It has both tracks of one and several lengths.

Lobadiz (Ferrol, A Coruña): are
Also cliffs, although of smaller height than its neighbors of Cabo
Prior. It also has a block area.

Pena Corneira (Leiro, Pontevedra):
in this boulder star zone you can block both in
Winter as in summer, provided they are not days of temperatures
Extreme. More info on the Penacorneira blog and in the magazine Escalar nº

La Rioja

Nalda: is a small area to
Only 19 km from Logroño, west facing that allows the
Climbing in the shade in the morning. There is more info in the blog of his
Principal equipment, David Iglesias.


The Azohía: is not a school
Too interesting, it has only about twenty degree tracks
Medium, but if you are vacationing in the area, you can remove the
Climbing ape some morning (southwest orientation). More info on

The Graja (Jumilla): Its
Different orientations offer a respite for the Murcia
Climb in the shade.


Erize (Isaba): your location, to
About 1,500 m altitude, make summer and autumn the
Better times, because in winter it is usually too cold. Plus
Info in the blog Nafarroaclimbing.

Basque Country

The Convent (Álava) .- Desplomes
And generally harsh roads, although lately they have opened some
More human. Sketch in the new edition of the guide
reissued in 2017.

Valdegovía (Álava): destination
Summery par excellence, with shade especially in the morning.
Sketches on the website of the Alava Federation

Jaizkibel (Gupúzcoa): hundreds
With different orientation that allow the whole
year. Article in magazine Escalar nº 75.

Galdames (Vizcaya):
Mainly in summer in the Sartalde sector, which
Receives shade most of the day.

Otoio (Lekeitio): much sixth
Degree in a beautiful setting. From February to June the
Climbing, but July and August are good months to climb here.

Balearic Islands

Cave of Egagrópilas (Ibiza):
With chorreras and resistance ways.

Sant Mateu d'Aubarca (Ibiza): in
The surroundings of this municipality there are several areas, such as Jolibud,
Wireless Mocos, Aubarca or Pachydermic Point that, according to
Time of day, we can have shade. Info in the Ibiza guide.

Hermitage of Bertlem (Artà, Mallorca) :
Has orientation both west and north, so choosing
Well, you can climb in summer.

Salt of the Beautiful Dona (Mallorca):
Plowed roads and north and west orientation.

Cales Coves and Cala'n Porter
abundant psychobloc on both sides of the beaches, alone
You have to imagine the lines and be ready for a dip.

Cala Rafalet (Menorca): is the
Most frequented area to do psicobloc on the island, but still
Worth a visit.

Canary Islands

Sorrueda (Gran Canaria): zone of
Reddish basalt in a ravine.

Chafa and Chirigel (The Rosary,
climbing with curious formations known as
Lajas, which receives shade in the evening.


What are the "best" 7th of Catalonia?

Eva Martos
– Friday, June 30, 2017 – Updated at 09:42 p.m.

The main conclusion of the article The most beautiful sevenths
Of Catalonia is that "better" is a very subjective term that is
Conditioned not only by the road itself (line, movements, type
The quality of the rock …) but also by other
Environment and the landscape or simply the sensations experienced and the
Has left in each one
a certain way.

For this list – we insist, not exhaustively – that r claims
The beauty of the seventh grade
we have counted on and scaladores
of the different Catalan areas, such as Toni Arbonés (name
Linked to climbing in Siurana), Toti Vales (guard of the refuge of Coll
Of Merolla, Girona), Nicolas Durand (guard of the shelter of Abella de la
Conca, Lleida), Jordi Pou (guard of the refuge of Margalef), Llucià
(prolific team from Berga, Barcelona), David Gambús (great
Knowledgeable about the Alt Urgell area, among others), José Manuel Cano
(Equipment of the area of ​​Sant Llorenç de Munt), as well as the climbers Berta
Martín, Marieta Cartró, Helena Alemán and Lali Bofill,
all of them fanatics
And seventh-day devourers, and photographer Cárlos Pérez, author of the majority of
Motivating photos that illustrate this report.

Sure you are surprised the selection of tracks and helps you
To discover new corners of the abundant Catalan rock.

Trip to Crete, the island of the gods

With photographer and climber José Luis Nuñez We travel
To the Greek island of Crete, discovering its great possibilities for the
Climbing, with both coastal and inland areas. In addition to a tour
The island, includes practical information and sketches of three of its main
Schools: Trafoulas, Agiofárago and Voulenismo Aloni

Is yoga beneficial for climbing?

According to climber Olivia Hsu yes, it is: "Yoga helps you
Climb for longer because it keeps your body healthy, "he says in this
Interview in which we know something more of his thinking and his day to day, in the
Which integrates both disciplines, making it their way of life.

Les Meses (Canfranc), summer destination

We know this Huesca corner, in the pre-Pyrenees and surrounded by
Where, thanks to its height and orientation, we can enjoy the
Climbing in summer season. Photographer Esteban Lahoz offers us a
Tour of its history and sectors, with photographs of regular climbers
And equipment of the zone, like Rafael Galán or Dani Fuertes . The Guide
Practice includes sketches of sectors Plates in the sun (in which,
Despite its name, it has an orientation that allows the escalation in
Summer in the evenings) and the somber Cueva de la Paja with 35 demanding

Psychology, health and more …

The Andalusian climber and psychologist José Capote ha
Prepared a study entitled " When falling is an option:
Psychological and psychophysiological manifestations of two groups of climbers "
It has counted with the participation of 80 climbers of which it has collected
Data, grouping them into those that always scale first (and usually go "to
Death ") and those who have a tendency to climb second or, if they go first,
Are hung from the tape before flying. Tell us how you did this
Study and its conclusions.

We also have the collaboration of recognized
Trainer Eric Hörst
(author of key books like Training for
. This issue tells us about one of the most
Is increasing among young climbers: the cartilage fracture of the
. It tells us how to detect it on time and how to treat it, in addition to
Complete the article with some basic guidelines for the training of the most
Young people.

Missing the content of material of climbing with showcase of novelties
And selection of the most interesting products that have won the Prize
this year, as well as the mood of Xavi Mountain ,
Editorial recommendations and agenda of upcoming events.

A number
That you can already find both in our Libreria Desnivel, kiosks and in digital edition.


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