Big Rockies Lines Skied Include Temple and Robson

The alpine climbing and ski season has started in the Canadian Rockies with reports of dozens of climbers on the summit of Athabasca last weekend.

Mount Andromeda’s routes (Skyladder and Middle Earth) and even Eisenhower Tower on Castle Mountain have all seen ascents this spring.

Some of the big ski lines reported include an historic drop in on Mount Robson. There are reports that the north face has been skied for possibly the second time since 1995.

Chic Scott wrote in his book Powder Pioneers, “In the autumn of 1995 the north face of Mount Robson was finally skied. With little fanfare and no media presence, Ptor Spricenieks and Troy Jungen, from Whistler, walked to the mountain, climbed to its summit and the descended the giant face.”

The Kain Face on Mount Robson and Mount Resplendent were also skied this month by Dylan Chen and friends.

Mount Temple was skied by mountain guides Simon Meis, Gery Unterasinger and Craig McGee. Watch a clip here.

Around Canmore, the Lawrence Grassi Couloir had lots of descents earlier this spring, as did the Aberdeen Couloir and a number of lines on the Icefields Parkway and 93 South.

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Study Finds Bouldering Reduces Depression

Eva-Maria Stelzer of the University of Arizona in Tucson co-led a team that studied effects of bouldering on adults suffering from depression.

They presented their findings at the 29th Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention in Boston. Medical News Today reported, “For the most part, individuals who receive treatment for depression – through medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of both – make a full recovery. (click on clip to watch Will Johnson on a fun problem at Joe Rockheads)

“However, statistics suggest that only a third of patients with severe depression actively seek treatment.”

The study concluded that bouldering reduced depression severity from moderate to mild. The study focused on 100 adults from Germany who boulderers for three hours per week for eight weeks, most people were new to the sport.

“Stelzer notes that bouldering requires high levels of concentration, which is likely what makes the sport beneficial for people with depression, given that rumination is a problem for such individuals,” noted the article that you can find here.

“All in all, the team believes that bouldering might be a beneficial addition to current treatments for individuals with depression, and it may even help people with other mental health disorders.” (click on clip to watch)

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Pinnacles National Park in California, America’s most recently designated one, i…

Pinnacles National Park in California, America’s most recently designated one, is a treasure with amazing hikes, caves, and rock faces to explore. It’s also home to the California Condor, which has the longest wingspan of any North American bird. .
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